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1.0 Introduction

The Poetry Club of the International Islamic University Malaysia is a club that was established under the Cultural & Arts Unit, S-Dev to gather all students of the university in programs and activities conducted relating to literature, language, culture, and arts. Although the club has been remaining inactive for quite a while, the newly elected office bearers are determined to change this scenario. In the year of 2009, the Poetry Club has planned and agreed to execute a few exciting activities; with the mission to uphold the university’s aspiration of IIICE.

2.0 Objectives

1. To build back the reputation, position, and strength of the IIUM POETRY CLUB.

2. To enhance the awareness about the role of literature as a medium of dakwah to IIUM students.

3. To unearth talents in creative writing and performing arts especially in the field of :

a. Modern Poetry

b. Traditional Poetry (Pantun, Gurindam, Seloka, & Nazam)

c. Prose (Short Stories & Novels)

4. To promote and uphold the Malay Language as a national heritage among the local and international community of IIUM.

3.0 Activities

(Refer to Appendix 1)

1. Creative Writing Workshop: Introduction to Pantun & Cerpen

As the first activity for the year of 2009, this workshop is aimed to be the launch pad of IIUM Poetry Club. It is aimed to be a program to gather new-members of the club. Other than that, this workshop is hoped to instill the interest to appreciate literary works among the participants. There will also be a slot for Poetry Club’s induction.

· Category : Training

· Date : 17 January 2008

· Place : Library Auditorium / CAC Seminar Room

· Person In Charge : Mohd Azree Bin Mohd Ariffin

· Estimated Budget : RM 300

· Panelist : Sister Nasriah Abdul Salam

2. Creative Writing Workshop : Poetry

This workshop aims to train the participants to write quality poems so that the works that has been written by them can be included into the Poetry Club’s Anthology.

· Category : Training

· Date : 17 January 2008

· Place : Library Auditorium / CAC Seminar Room

· Person In Charge : Amirul Hafiz Sulaiman

· Estimated Budget : RM 500

· Panelist : Tuan Haji Shamsuddin Othman or Ridzuwan Harun

3. Poetry Slam (Colloboration with Wawasan Club)

This is the 2nd edition of this program. The 1st edition has been successfully conducted in semester 2, 2007/2008. It is a platform for members and students to express their talents whereby they can recite anything such as poetry, pantun, gurindam, short-stories, songs, novel fragments, etc.

· Category : Cultural

· Date : Fortnightly (7th & 21st January and 4th & 18th February)

· Place: HS CafĂ©

· Person In Charge : Nur Syafiqah Mohd Gawus

· Estimated Budget : RM 100

4. Poetry Anthology (Antologi Puisi Kelab Puisi UIAM)

Producing an anthology is the ultimate aim for Poetry Club in the year of 2009. The anthology is a documentation of the poems of IIUM students. The proceeds of the sale will be used to fund the next anthologies and activities.

· Category : Cultural

· Date : Semester 1, 2009/2010

· Person In Charge : Sayidah Muizzah Kamarul Syukri

· Estimated Budget : RM 200

5. Intellectual Discourse & Launching Ceremony

Basically, a book review whereby the panelist will comment and criticize the Antologi Puisi Kelab Puisi UIAM and give positive feedbacks. It is also a program to launch the anthology. The publicity for the anthology is hoped to bring up the name of the club and IIUM.

· Category : Academic

· Date : July 2009

· Place : Mini Auditorium

· Person In Charge : Mohd Azree Bin Mohd Ariffin

· Estimated Budget : RM 500

· Panelist : Faisal Tehrani and Shamsuddin Othman

6. Promotion Booth : Antologi Puisi Kelab Puisi UIAM

· Category : Entrepreneurship

· Date : Throughout Sem 2, 2009/2010

· Place : Every Kulliyyah & Mahallah

· Person In Charge : Nur Aisyah Nasaruddin

· Estimated Budget : RM 100

7. Poetry Recitation Night: Antologi Puisi Kelab Puisi

In conjunction with the 25th IIUM Convocation Fiesta, the poets will recite mostly from the Poetry Club’s Anthology. A few literary figures will also be invited, alongside IIUM officers and lecturers.

· Category : Cultural

· Date : 4th October 2009 (In Conjunction with Convocation Fiesta)

· Place : Cultural Stage, Convest

· Person In Charge : Ahmad Hafiz Bin Muhammad

· Estimated Budget : RM 300

8. Annual General Meeting 2009

· Category : AGM

· Date : October 2009

· Place : IIUM

· Person In Charge : Atrah Binti Mohammed

Summary of Budget



Budget (RM)


Creative Writing Workshop : Introduction to Pantun & Cerpen



Creative Writing Workshop : Poetry



Poetry Slam



Poetry Anthology



Intellectual Discourse & Launching Ceremony



Promotion Booth



Poetry Recitation Night




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Poetry Club,

Cultural & Arts Unit, S-Dev,

International Islamic University Malaysia.

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